Then There was Country…

Hello all, hoping everyone is having an amazing day! I received the bloggers haul from Demise of Flight, Nikki can sure keep me busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way 😀 I was actually stumped on what to wear for this blog but I loved the tanks, ballet flats, and these snake printed pants the best!

I didn’t know where I wanted to take pictures but as I was looking through saved LM’s, I had never checked out this location as I should have sooner. What a perfect song came on shortly after as well, known as Cruise by Florida Georgia Line. I am a Country music fanatic, and I had heard this song before on the radio, and I love the artist Nelly, but I mean he ruined it in the “remix” in my opinion as opposed to the original as it should have just stayed. In any case I won’t continue my ramblings and opinions on that but it did create a muse for the style of my pictures.

Country music is perfect on summer days for me, I always wanna go out by the ocean, go fishing, eat a snow or ice cream cone, have a bbq, picnics, and all around fun stuff that we Floridians do.

There will be more upcoming blogs on Demise of Flight items, as Nikki has made things hud driven, woot woot!-Saxxy

DOF 5713_001


DOF 5713_002


DOF 5713_003

Saxxy is Wearing:

Skin: Lilia Skin(Lucky Board Gift)-Wow Skins

Hair: Riley in Espresso-Truth

Lipwear: Yogurt Lipgloss in Grape Fruit-Pink Acid

Tank: Amy Tank in Sky-Demise of Flight

Pants: Wild Jeans in Snake-Demise of Flight

Shoes: Mesh Ballet Flats(hud driven)-Demise of Flight

Location: Kitten’s Heaven Cafe


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