My Secondlife Haiku Meme

So the meme for this week is, write a Haiku about your Second Life. Remember to leave your link inthis meme’s post so others can come by and read your answers as well!

Ok I was never good at Haiku’s while in high school, but since then I have become better with words in a sense. I do not mean what I blog, because my style of blogging as compared to an academic paper is completely different as I do not put as much thought into my blogs as I do my schoolwork. In any case I cannot simply put my SL into a haiku, but I can sum up a bit about me, and so here it is:

saxx & her sax_003

She who plays her sax
Plays her life through music notes
No fear of ending

I came up with this because music has been a part of my life since before SL and it still follows me through. I wouldn’t blog properly without the music blasting in my ears.

saxx & her sax_004

I  basically know how to play three instruments which are the flute, clarinet, and the saxophone, hence the name Saxxy. I became passionate over the instrument because my parents wanted me to play the flute and I never wanted to. In any case my soul became alive with every note that I played.

saxx & her sax_006

My life can be played with a bunch of songs within a playlist if needed and the no fear of ending explains that I like to live on the edge and far from afraid of death. Call me crazy but that is why I loved being in law enforcement 🙂

While I could not find a justifiable sax version of this, the woman playing the main solo of this beautiful piece does it justice, it was my fav song I ever played with the sax!

I enjoyed the meme of the week, looking forward to reading others! -Saxx

Saxxy is wearing:

Hair: Lover in Black-Mr. & Miss C for Fi Fridays

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Blossom-Ikon

Lipwear: Candy Glass Gloss in Red-Pink Acid

Eye Bling: Eye Glam in Diamonds-*Boom*

Clothes: Think Dietrich-.::Vassnia::.

Shoes: British Loafers in Black-*REDGRAVE*

Location: The SL Botanical Gardens


2 responses

  1. Beautifully written blog i love the haiku :} The pics are awesome too

    1. Thank you so much Ema! 🙂

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