My Three SL Wishes Meme

Hello all, this is another answered meme from the gorgeous Strawberry, gonna do enough typing I think down there so I will keep the intro short…here it goes..

Wishing Well_003

Meme instructions: Share three things you wish for or about your Second Life. They could be things you wish from Linden Lab, things you would like to have inworld, things you would like to do, or any kind of wishes you may have. Remember to leave your link in this meme’s post so others can come by and read your answers as well

  1. A lifetime of friendship! I have met so many great people from around the world, and although I may never see them or be as close as I wish I am happy that our avatars can bring us together and share such beautiful memories together. I don’t even want to think about if I lost one of my friends in SL, they all mean the world to me and most of my relatives and friends within my RL would never understand why I would rather hang out with people virtually instead of physically. I guess I am a bit of an introvert and SL provides me with confidence that I do not have in RL because I am so shy. So with this confidence I have managed to meet great people and interact the way I would once I know you well. In any case that is my first wish!
  2. A steady relationship that lasts more than a year. Many of my friends and family within sl or rl will not understand why I seek a sl romance. So here it is, I kinda hate dating in rl because of those awkward moments, the backfiring if the guy spends money on dates and we don’t work out, the  struggles I get from men if I ask them for their stats from a doctor before I have sex with them (yes I have a phobia of stds), and the fact that they have to accept my son as well. In any case I have been told I like to “deliberately” hurt men, but what it is, I am dead honest if I feel things are not working out. I am a complicated and picky person with standards and I will break up with a person if they are not to my liking. So it would be nice to find someone worth being in a long term relationship with. I do believe in SL romance!I will not say I won’t meet someone in RL but for now SL is the way to go for me.
  3. Being Successful! I do NOT want to be rich, that isn’t my goal, my goal is to be successful in all my sl endeavors. I am like that in my rl, and it transpires to my sl as well. I want some kind of name for myself and what I do whether it be blogging or helping friends out, I like to feel somewhat important and I will never do it for the money, but because as I like to make differences in people’s lives, I want to make a difference within my own sl.-Saxxy

Wish Meme 2_001

Thanks for reading, until next time, be safe and hugs and kisses!

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3 responses

  1. I love how positive your wishes are! Good luck with all three 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Peep for reading and I hope so too! ❤

  2. I think for a long time I did the same as you do with your #2 wish. Now finally I’m done with SL dating and have a relationship in RL. However, I think it’s SL that helped me get there. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt wishes, hope they come true. ❤

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