A Creation by Chris

Hello all, can you think of something soft, cozy, and can protect a body part in a sense? If you thought of socks you are right, but they aren’t just any socks, these socks can give you this overwhelming sense of confidence, just as it did Chris here, check it out:


No Chris isn’t a noob btw but he felt the need to wear this just because. In fact he has this idea that he is famous cause he has been featured in a couple of blogs including one of my own. In any case I guess you can say these socks make your ego and self esteem much bigger than what it is, and who wouldn’t want to feel important right?


Chris has these socks in white and black to meet the needs of both male and female standards. The side effects I learned later on may be different for most though. I tried on a pair of black ones and got all emo, I felt depressed, and anti social. These socks are waiting for a patent so Chris is in no way responsible if you tend to want to shake your booty within a summer meadow, kiss strangers, cry over something small like a lopsided burger, and etc.


I hardly ever show my sl feet but I was inclined to do so today for my effect from these socks.

If you are looking for an emotional rollercoaster these socks are the way to go!  Have a great day all and enjoy-Saxxy

Note: No one was harmed and this was a parody blog haha!

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