Flower Child

Happy Friday/Saturday to all, so I guess Fi Friday opened at an unknown time and I say this because I received no notice but either way I made it in and thanks Ema for well u know what. 🙂

I found this cute dress there among other really nice dresses and accessories. The jewelry set can also be found at Fi Fridays by Pure Poison, which are cute kitties, and the whole tattoo isn’t showing but it is another cute creation by Your Cocain.

I will not be writing too much today as I feel a bit dehydrated from the Florida heat, I have the AC on blast, gulping water, and chillaxing listening to the 90’s music cause it frickin rocks, have a great day all!-Saxxy






Saxxy is wearing:

Hair: *LCP20133*Mocha-Ash Bro(Can only be won from a lucky chair)-[LOVE SOUL]

Eyes: Horizon Eyes V2 in Pure Hazel-IKON

Lipwear: Rochelle Lip gloss in Tuscany-Mocks Cosmetics

Jewelry: Cat Jewelry Set-Pure Poison for Fi Fridays

Clothes: Jenny in Cream-Immerse for Fi Fridays

Tattoo: Broken Wings-Your Cocain for Fi Fridays

Poses: Vogue Fatpack-Unorthodox for Fi Fridays

Location: Japan Project Garden


4 responses

  1. Awesome blog, that dress is too cute. AND OMG IT OPENED?! I didn’t even know :{

    1. Thanks so much Ema…gives u a care bear hug 😀

  2. Nice hair from da Chair!! lol Is it “the” hair?!?

    1. Not the one that Ema wanted I have that hair too but I wont wear it lol it will sadden Ema and I dont want to do that 😦

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