All I Want to Do

Hello all, so today I feel much better! I let some baggage go and I have some incredibly awesome friends that support me and I shall forever love them for it no matter what. Dome this includes you too cause you think I pulled a “white” girl move by not giving you a shout out well here ya are and I do apologize for snapping on you last night at the greedy table, but when I get pissed you should already know! In any case what’s gucci Dome? LOL

So today I wish I could be feeling the sand and warm breezes at the beach but I can’t so that is what SL is for! Found a nice beach and voila! In the midst of it all a great friend of mine brought some country music into my life during the week and I shall say, how I have missed you so much country music! While doing this blog it reminded me of Sugarland’s “All I want to do” song. I still have their whole album “Love on the Inside” and used to listen to it repeatedly while I was pregnant in rl, Once again I was reminiscing over awesome things 🙂

So onto the fashion aspect this, I didn’t want to wear too much just something nice and comfy so I could also be barefooted. Hucci is having a 50% sale off at their store, and yes I got rompers galore among other things from there. While we are on the subject of 50% off, Naked fashions is having a 50% off sale at their inworld store until 5pm slt today, they have some great stuff, so go check it out!

Finally, I saved the best for last, Happy Rez/B- Day Nikki! She is having a 50l sale throughout her whole store Demise of Flight. I will be leaving LM’s to these places down below. Have a superbly awesome Sunday or Monday, we appreciate all of our readers!-Saxxy

Hucci Romper_003

Hucci Romper_002

Hucci Romper_001

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Teddy in Fades (Frappuccino)-Truth

Eyes: Lovers Eye in Green Mint-[the Skinnery]for the Cosmetics Fair

Make-up: Glitter Pop eShadow in Synjari Kiva


Rochelle Lip Gloss in Tuscany-Mocks Cosmetics

Clothes:Poetic Romper in Cockatoo-Hucci

Naked Fashions

Demise of Flight


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  1. baby got back ;} shout out to ya honky tonk badonkadonk ;p

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