I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Hello all, I hope your SL and RL are going a hell of a lot better than my own. Lets see my kid is recovering from pneumonia, I am trying to recover myself from some of his symptoms, and an upset stomach. As far as SL goes, I know many of our readers and even Skyla and I go to Image Essentials for our photography needs, props, and more. Well Kay(the owner) her computer crashed and was in talks of perhaps closing the place down. I’m thinking in my head hell no! Not happening so myself along with Ally and Nikki will be planning something soon to keep the sim alive and will keep you updated on it. So if indeed this will need to happen, I will have to cut my shopping habits down and will not be able to blog as much, only as needed because something as established and well known as IE should not simply go down and even if it isn’t enough, at least I know I tried to my fullest potential along with others.

So while doing this blog on the newest prop for Something New, I happened to listen to Alicia Keys’s full first album. It brought me memories of my high school days, it helped me through some rough patches of my life then, and with some of the latest news from the bombings, my kid, myself, IE, and a few other unmentioned misfortunes, I felt this album was most appropriate to listen to. I love how music can change the perceptions and can also help provide epiphanies. This prop can be used for anything, so I chose to use it in a way that I personally feel at the moment, and that is a bit trapped. Caged Bird from this album was one of my favorite songs for a while and it kind of explains a bit of my emotions and the pictures below. I do apologize that the quality isn’t it’s best I tried to do them while the maintenance was going on.

Have a great Saturday, I will be trying to do the same :)-Love Saxxy

Curtain Prop_001

Windows Drapes Prop

Curtain Prop_002

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Sierra in Frappuccino (faded pack)-Truth

Clothes: Pisces Jumpsuit in Yellow-Peqe for the Kawaii Fair

Nails: Mesh Stiletto Nails in Ballet-Action for the Cosmetics Fair

Prop: Window Drapes Prop-Something New

PS, I LOVE YOU Skyla and Ema! Hugs to Ally and Nikki, we shall make it through ladies! I know I’m so frickin mushy!


2 responses

  1. Awesome blog, lovely pics and I know you are strong enough to make it through anything :} There…now you been mushed back mwahaha

    1. thank you Ema and yes I am…I just have my low points.

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