Awesome Jackets!

Hey all, I had to giggle to myself that Saxx and Ema both still had kawaii blogs… we all brought so much.. then i realise o.o.. i haven’t shown you these jackets i got the kawaii fair.. so more kawaii blogs… lol..  I heart them so much.. I wasn’t so creative with the pictures today.. but i think these jackets really do speak for themselves.. each comes with blue and black jackets!!!…i say jackets.. they all come with a different T-shirt underneath.. there is more at the fair these are just the ones i got.. oh and the shoesssss how cute are they!!!!

Kawaii Fair
even.flowFriday Blazer – Pita Bread,  Huggie bear & Owlet! 
*Epic* Mega Monster Pumps {Metal}
jacket C

I just wanna say big hugs to Saxxy’s little Gman! hope he feels better!!

Thanks all Skyla x

One response

  1. Owl!!! And its red! passes out. Awesome blog :} Love the shoes but they look hungry @_@

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