Naked in The Rain

OMG you thought I was going to be naked didn’t you! Stop being a perv gosh…lol. Seriously it has been raining almost everyday here in Florida and while I could have opted for a much more brighter and vivid way to blog this, I actually enjoy the rain at times. Rain is soothing to the soul just as sometimes crying is cleansing, so I decided rain on a beach would be perfect.

Ok so if you don’t know about a store called Naked Fashions, well now you do and you will by the end of this blog 😀 A while back I was helping a friend with her club and I had no idea we had two talented people standing right there partying it up with us hee hee. Austin and Melly are such an awesome couple, and they are the creators behind Naked Fashions. I asked them (crossing my fingers) about the Kaylee outfit being a lighter and different color other than red, and sure enough, they created this lavender colored set that I love and for future references it’s ok for me to ask them for a different color to an outfit if it doesn’t come with a hud so yay for that! Ok yes I have had bad experiences with designers and so have my friends, so of course I am going to be excited.

Something else that you should also know is that they are giving away a 5000l giftcard for their store to a lucky someone if they reach 100 likes on their FB page. How hard can that be?? Just sign on and click on this link and like their page and boom! You automatically get a chance to win plus stay updated on sales, promos, and their outfits for both men and the ladies.

Until my next inspiration, you all take care!-Saxxy

Naked Kaylee_001

Kaylee exclusively for moi

Naked Kaylee_003_002

Is in awe by the rain…yes I am 😀

Kaylee Flats_001

Kaylee Flats

Although you won’t find this color in their store or on mp the red set is available and requests are accepted when they have the time 🙂

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: Marry in Black- [y] for the Kawaii Fair 2013

Eyeliner: Eyeliner in Diamond (w/texture change)-Bens Beauty for the Cosmetics Fair 2013

Lipwear: Kawaii Cupcake Lipgloss & Teeth 02-Pink Acid for the Kawaii Fair 2013

Jewelry: Cross Wings Earrings and Ring-Bens Beauty for Fi Friday

Clothes: Kaylee Exclusive-Naked Fashions

Location: Mau Loa


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