Who i Admire most…

Hey all,

So usually i have the pictures and not the words, but today i have the words! haha
I set a fun challenge in my bloggers group in world just for fun so i’m taking it up myself.. i asked basically to blog who you admire..
There truly is not one person i admire.. the people i admire most are my family and friends.. not only cause they put up with my crazy ass but each and everyone of them in their own way …
I had no clue what to do as a picture for this.. but then my long lost sister finally came online.. haha .. so i took a recent one of us..



Pose: BFF’s – Demise of Flight

ok so bare with me… Iam not gonna write much more than a line each cause i would be here all night.. haha x

Violent, My heart: I admire how you love me everyday the best you can

Callie, My Wife: I admire how hard you work in Real, how loyal you are to me and others!

Saxxy: I admire how focused and driven you are, your kindness and your fiestyness all rolled into one.

Stephanie, My sis: I admire your strength x

Gerty, My sis: I admire your confidence, and the way you tell it exactly how you see it.

Tyke, My bro: I admire how you make anyone you meet laugh out loud, and how when you put your mind to something you always do an amazing job!

Sunder, My bro: I admire your empathy with people, The way you can talk you anyone and give them understanding and logic

Ema: I admire your creativity, and how giving you are!

Dee: I admire your strong heart.

lol sorry if i missed you and you think you should be on here, its not personal – shout at me later!
so yeah.. I admire the people around me, for they are the people that make me who iam… love you all Skyla xx

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