Who I Admire Most

So I am supposed to be writing about who I admire the most. Well Skyla my dear, it is not possible because I admire way too many to name just one. I do have a few though that I will name, and everyone has or had a significant part in my life…so let the mushfest begin.



I have so many things to say about him but out of all the people I have met on SL, I think he is the person I admire the most! He never once judged me and always inspired me to be much better than what I already was. I never knew what it was like to be spoiled or to have been pranked on like a big brother would do. Although he is no longer in SL we keep in contact via text and he will always mean the world to me. I love ya bro!

Jimmy & Heather

These two helped me within my noob days, from basic controls, to not walking like some stiff zombie, and learning how to dance at a party and etc. I admire these two for always helping me whenever needed and not deleting me off of their friends list. Although we do not talk as much I am forever grateful.


Ema Kawaii After

My longest standing friend and to be honest I shouldn’t even be on you friends list anymore for all the naive situations I went through that made me believe the rubbish and for all the horrible things I ever said about you and I can’t say how truly sorry I am enough. But I admire you for your creativity, your realness, your sense of fashion, and your cooky sense of humor. I can’t imagine SL without your crazy butt! Love ya!


Little Italy

I was so scared to friend Skyla I will admit lol because she seemed “too cool” and at that time I was already comfortable with my circle of friends. Had it not been for this woman though, I would have quit SL and never came back. I went from being so popular to hitting rock bottom when everyone started turning their backs on me or lying to me. I would find myself alone standing in my house decorating or something to keep my mind clear or listening to her stream from my house like some freaking outcast! I admire you Skyla for not listening to anyone else about me, for allowing me to blog alongside you when I had no experience with photography and blogging in general, and giving me a reason to still be here in SL. I love ya more than words can express….hands u a tissue!


Todd was my first SL bf and he taught me so much! I admire your building skills and for the ability to have patience with me through my trial and error days. You still mean so much to me as a friend and once again a big Thank You!


Gangnam Style_001

I admire you Adrian even through our worst times together, you taught me so much that no one else could, you also taught me how to love  unconditionally. I had some of the best days with you and we had our little family together and although things didn’t work out for us, I still wish you the best, and never tell ya anything less on your abilities and your intelligence. I used to wish things would be different but I am moving on. Thank you for supporting me through everything!

There are so many new people entering my life that I adore but these people made a major impact within my SL. Until next time you all have a great day!-Saxxy

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”-A.A. Milne (Christopher Robin said this to poohbear)


2 responses

  1. awwww. That’s nice.


    1. You were always so nice to me, you deserve the admiration!

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