April Showers

Hello again readers, this blog is nothing major just something I wanted to do with my bestie Skyla in which she wasn’t too keen on it but I dragged her alongside anyways. I live in Florida and lately it has been raining on and off. Every time it does I can’t help but to think of the song from Bambi when they literally made a song about April showers. So this blog won’t be long, it is short and simple. Get your umbrella’s ready, gonna drag yall in the rain with us 😀 Until next time, hugs!-Saxx

P.S. Skyla quoted this on our shoot: ” I look like Mary F**kin Poppins!” 😛 Well I guess I can be ya chimney cleaner hahaha!


Rain Saxx and Sky

Rain_Grass Saxx

Saxxy is wearing:

Hair: Aina in B&W pack-Magika

Lipwear: Candy Coated Lip Gloss in Tasty Pink-Pink Acid

Outfit and accessories: Demy in Aqua-*{ SeVered GarDeN }*

Skyla is Wearing:

Hair: Tymber Fades-Truth

Eyewear: Runny Mascara-~Natural Beauty~

Coat: Berry Coat “Blackberry” – Even.flow

Umbrella: Mesh Umbrella in Black-The Black Forest

Boots: Radical Boots Smoke Reptile – Maitreya

Location: Image Essentials

Yup I am a Disney lover ❤



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