Pure Poison is at Stuff in Stock

Happy Tuesday all, I have been falling behind on my blogging but I look at it this way, I have cool people to blog for and they know I will deliver the goods but SL is supposed to be about fun and I cannot blog every single day because I would rather be playing Candyland with my friends or dressing up like a geisha alongside my sweet beau and taking a bubble bath in the middle of my sister’s yard 😀 I feel that it is better to do a blog when inspired then to do one forcefully.

Ok so Pure Poison has these awesome shades out and I have loved all of Shaleene’s eye wear but these are the icing to the cake! They are nice and big, has spikes, and have the word “bad” on the side of them. They come in different colors such as silver,fuschia, gold, and neon. So when I put them on I was inspired to put this look together because of the artist M.I.A., known for her crazy and eclectic style and fearless attitude. Skyla is always dedicating this song to me called “Bad Girls” by her so I added the clip at the end of this for all those bad girls who are rebellious and smexy!

Until the next blog, huggies!-Saxxy

Pure Poison Bad Girl Glasses_001

Bad Girl Glasses in Silver

Pure Poison Bad Girl Glasses_003

Saxxy is Wearing:

Hair: 009 in Black01-eep.

Lipwear: Silk Lipstick in Magenta-Pink Acid

Sunglasses: Bad Girl Sunglasses in Silver-PP for Stuff in Stock

Necklace: Necklace Vintage-CC Silver-Ryca

Tattoo: Chanel pt.1-R&S :: Your Cocain ::

Top:  Retro Tribal Bra-.WN. for Fi Friday

Bottoms: Mesh Leggings in Dripping Chanel-.WN. for Fi Friday

Shoes: Erika Boots-Enelyas Creations


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