Easter is Almost Here

Woohoo!  For those of us who celebrate Easter it is right around the corner which means it’s time to dye eggs, get your recipes ready, fill those Easter baskets, and binge on tons of candy and visit the Easter bunny for pictures 😀

I said on my FB post earlier I was not going to blog but I wanted to make sure this  was done before the pastel colored gems went back into Endra’s inventory. Now and up until Sunday, Endra has marked down some of her beautiful jewels and you also have the choice in an array of colors which are beautiful not only for Easter but for spring all around and the summer. Accentuate those lovely gowns or spring suits with the lovely pastel colors that I will be showing down below. Also, if you like the cute headpieces with the chicks, Endra is giving those out for free. Just be sure to IM Endra Graves inworld with the color of preference and she will gladly give you one 🙂

The colors within these sets are as follows:


*Blue Tint

*Blue Topaz



*Light Amethyst



*Lime Tint

*Padpadrasha Sapphire





Until next time everyone enjoy their weekend and have a wonderful Easter!-Saxxy

Margrethe Collage

The Margrethe Sets in Amethyst, Canary, and Blue Topaz

Easter Collection

The Mandy Set in Padpadrasha Sapphire, The Caroline Set in Peridot, & The Deborah Set in Blue Tint

Easter Headpiece Collage

Easter Headpieces in Red, Multicolor, Pink, and Yellow

Saxxy is wearing: 

Collage One:

Hair:  Hair*090*in Jet Black- [ Love Soul ]

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Bone- Ikon for the Liaison Collaborative

Lipwear: Cupcake Glaze Gloss V2 in Nude- Pink Acid for The Dressing Room

Nails: Prim nails + Ring*Lady in love*Silver- [ Love Soul ]

Dresses: Bandage dresses (SET) / Pastel Tones-Ricielli

Jewelry: The Margrethe Sets in Amethyst, Canary, and Blue Topaz-Artistry by ~E~

Collage Two:

Hair: Vicky in Crow-Truth

Eyes are the same as above

Lipwear: Cupcake Glaze Gloss v2 in Tangerine-Pink Acid for the Dressing Room


Sticky Bun Lipgloss in Tangerine-Pink Acid for BuddyWalk

Dresses: K Collection Bella Long Sleeve Dress-Liv Glam for Fi Friday(may be available in main store)


Wrap Dress in White Cotton-::TGIS::

Nails same as above

Jewelry:The Mandy Set in Padpadrasha Sapphire, The Caroline Set in Peridot, & The Deborah Set in Blue Tint-Artistry by ~E~

Collage Three:

Hair: Sumaya in Dark Night-Catwa

Easter Headpieces in Red, Multicolor, Pink, and Yellow-per request by designer Endra Graves inworld.

PS  Thank you Skyla for your last minute help!


2 responses

  1. muhahahahahaha. great shots!
    ~ E ~

    1. I would have to thank Skyla for her help on this one to have gotten it done by tonight 🙂 Glad you liked it hugs!-Saxxy

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