Veronica in Paradise

Waves to you all especially Endra who will be reading this, um I will pretend that what happened last night in chat never happened? Haha and she tells me I crack her up? O_O I beg to differ, her randomness makes me feel like I belong in a school for people needing to brush up on randomness so that it appears natural like hers.

I have been so busy trying to get things set up for Easter that I am slacking on my blogging. On top of all that I had a bitch fit and ended up changing lands yet again since the owner of my last place failed to comply with my request in a timely fashion. So thanks to Ema’s suggestion I found my little piece of paradise and it was part of my inspiration for this blog today. Another reason why I am glad I moved is for the lack of security and moderation that Miami beach (our favorite place to chill) has had to endure. This place is on the destination guide yet fails to deal with the ongoing griefing and such. So we had to find another place and why not within our own homes?

So enough with my ranting, the Veronica set is yet another one of Endra’s lovely creations. they are like giant pearls wrapped around my neck and hell yes I demand attention from time to time, what woman doesn’t? Although I was in my secluded home you best bet I will be wearing it to a formal or beach party of some sort in the future. The dress is a lovely creation by Gizza and although it is lovely with the flow and color scheme, it makes my butt look huge and most know I hate to mod my shape. But hey to each their own if they don’t mind changing their shape, it’s still a lovely gown no doubt.

I will be trying to complete one or two more blogs before the weekend but still not sure I will make sure to wish you all the best for Easter. Until then have an awesome day.-Saxxy

Veronica Set_001

Veronica Set

Veronica Set_005

Necklace, earrings, and bracelet are included

;Veronica Set 6_001

Saxxy is wearing :

Skin: Skin Isla Sunkiss in Feline-*League*

Hair: Teddy in Sangria (reds pack) – Truth

Eyes: Ardent Eyes in Bone- Ikon for the Liaison Collaborative

Lipwear: Dr’d Lips in Chocolatte- Pink Acid for Fi Friday

Jewelry: The Veronica Set- Artistry by ~E~

Dress: Kallisto Dress in Aqua-Gizza


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  1. mmmmm pretty…..

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