Playing the Saxxamaphone!

I know blink, and u might think you saw me, I’am awful.. but that’s why this post has the wierd name it does.. Saxxamaphone is what i call Saxx – her nickname – although i’m currently changing it to Squishy haha.. anyway the point… is I want to say Thank you so much to Saxx she keeps this blog going.. like without her it wouldn’t even exist.. she is so focused and so driven… where i’m dreamy and lack focus.. I find it hard to concentrate alot.. and unless something really grabs and inspires me – i don’t feel want/need to blog it – to blog everything that comes out just cause its new i find mundane . I TOTALLY appreciate the people that do it.. don’t get me wrong.. you do an amazing job! but its not for me.. I had to take some time to reach this.. i was blogging for people and new stuff.. but like i said it wasn’t for me – so when i stopped..  I had to find where i was happy.. and what i enjoyed.. i have come to the conclusion that scene shots, when i find something i like – new or old is defo my thing.. just call me an artist!! lol.. jk.. so yeah Thank you Saxx – You are an amazing person, I’m proud of you all the things you achieve you put your mind to something then you go and get it.. you inspire me! Keep doing what u do Squishy cause its awesome.. you are gettin better and better! We are both growing with this blog.. God just look at start till now.. lol ❤ Skyla xxxxx

Ok Mush over……..haha

Enjoy the Pics.. creds at end!



Skin:  [ arya] – [ Sapphire milk TDR ] – Al Vulo
Make up 1: lashes 2 (old gift from fair) –  [.::CENSORED::.]
Make up 2: Moles Pack (1&2) – – DAMNED – 
Hair: Forget (hud 3)Magika
Headband – the OOPS Tree Cherry Blossom Antlers – Light Purple – .Olive.
Tattoo: Silence (made by me)Skyla’s Design’s
Nails/Ring: Princess  Nail and Ring Set – :FY:
Top: Blossom Tank (Jade) e!
Pants: Jilly Skinny Jeans – VIP Gift MARCH – e!
Feet: Flat BAREFEET & Flip-Flops (Mesh) – N-core

Place: The Pixel Bean Coffeehouse
Poses: Sweet Spring :picture This!: 


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