Saxxy in Hayden

Hello everyone! I am proud to say that Mrs. Graves from Artistry by E has decided to give me an opportunity to blog for her jewelry. I know I have bragged on her jewelry before but to actually be a blogger for her creations is a sense of accomplishment. 🙂

The first set that I decided to snap pics on is known as “The Hayden Set”. I loved this set because as you will see in the pictures below, I can wear this set casually or with formal wear. The set comes with the necklace, earrings, and a bracelet.

I will be doing a lot more blogs on Artistry’s jewelry, so if you or anyone you know of are lovers of exquisite jewelry, please feel free to comment or grab a link down below to visit the store so that you may see for yourselves of the amazing work she does. If you just so happen to see Endra within the store,shooting piggies, frogs, or foreign objects, it’s just her way of saying welcome haha, but on a serious note just say hi, she loves interacting with her customers. Enjoy your day and remember to compliment someone, they just might need it.-Saxxy

Hayden Set_002 The Hayden Set worn casuallyHayden Set pt 2_003The Hayden Set worn in formal

Saxxy is wearing:

Skin: Isla Sunkiss in Feline-*League*

Hair: 1st Picture: Christina in Ombres- Action 

2nd Picture: Alicia in Night Shadow- Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Horizon Eyes in Pale Hazel- Ikon

Make-Up: 1st Picture: Diva Lip Gloss in Pink- Pink Acid

2nd Picture: Darkened Mood Garnets Makeover- Mocks Cosmetics

Jewelry: The Hayden Set- Artistry by ~E~

Clothes: 1st Picture: B&W Stripe Belted Dress-Silhouettes

2nd Picture: Seeka Gown-Bliss Couture

Nails: Diamond Edition Mesh Nails- Pixel Mode [PM]


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