New Jewelry for Pure Poison

I promise this is my last post of the day lol, I needed to catch up on a few things today and get them out of the way. Anyways, Pure Poison has a few things out, but I decided to go for the jewelry cause ya know, I am a jewelry junkie 😀 I will keep this short, enjoy 😀

PP Rings

The close-ups of the rings, the one on the left comes in silver and in gold.

PP Rings 1

You can see the earrings and ring in silver on this pic 🙂

Make sure to grab a pair of Pure Poison Spiked bangles for 10 l, make sure you have that group tag on 🙂 They are worth it 😀

Jewelry Saxxy is wearing:

Greek earrings and ring in Silver(exclusive for Fashion for Life)

Greek ring in Gold(same link as ^^ there)


Ruby Cross ring(subscriber gift)-Pure Poison

Important Links:

Secondlife Bloggers Group on FB–

Secondlife Bloggers Flickr–

Group Key for inworld group– 3e5b5b02-45ad-2c80-9d7d-fc0cbf406e52

These links are not mandatory its just for bloggers to come together and share their stories and goodies. There is a contest going on until the 6th or March, IM me (serenityj8705 resident) for questions or inquiries, or join us on FB for contest rules and such. Grand prize is 5000l, so don’t miss out!-Saxxy ❤


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