Calas Galadhon Park Sims

As of recently I have been out exploring again and meeting new people which I really did not have much time to do before with having a family life and being intertwined with other projects.Well you may as well consider this a project because it sure as hell felt like one but it was SO worth it.

A new friend I met a couple of days ago showed me this place and at first I thought it would be a cliche of other sims I had initially seen, but I have never been to a place that is 11 sims wide! :O I mean I am a nature lover so I love waterfalls, streams, animals, boatrides, and all that good stuff. Each place had a certain uniqueness about it. I will warn you, this blog will not be short and you may have to click on the collages to see better because I certainly cannot put pictures one by one. These pictures are merely just a few peeks of each sim, you would have to go to them to experience the full effect. I hope that you will enjoy the beauty of each sim and I have not edited these pics nor used any other special lighting that wasn’t already provided in the sim. I feel that all those special effects will make the sims lose their touch if I were to edit anything. Enjoy :)-Saxxy

Park Entrance

Park Entrance Collage

You will find yourself at the entrance while has a small town feel and a boat ride that is over an hour to ride solo and enjoy the view or with a loved one.

Bay of Balfalas

Balfalas Collage

Whether you are in the mood of dancing, taking a boat ride, or enjoying the ambiance of the ocean, this place is a natural beauty.

Dimrill Dale

Dimrill Dale

This was the first place I could take my horse out and roam about, the country scenery is perfect for a casual dance or horseback ride.


Armenelos Collage

The scenery here is breathtaking! Enjoy the sights, the colors, the water, the art, and the underwater attractions.

Eryn Vorn

Eryn Vorn Collage

Ok I will admit when I first entered I was not impressed, but as I roamed around more the beauty surrounding the land amazed me!


Glanduin Collage

From the picnic areas, to the meadows, and furry animals, this is definitely a place for our nature lovers ❤

Gulf of Lune

Gulf of Lune

This place would have to be my least favorite but hey, to each their own. It has a Southern feel to it and has marshes and a little place to relax in.

Grey Havens

Grey Havens Collage

The lake was crystal clear, I had to take a boat ride, and as I paddled I came across to these cute seals, and a nice big cave.


Mirromere Collage

This happened to be one of my favorites while on this small journey. From the small creeks, to the beaming rays of sunshine coming through the trees, and the teaset by the waterfall….yeah I was in love!

South Farthing

South Farthing

This sim has a woodsy feel to it with open wooded areas and plenty of cuddle places 🙂

Oz Night Club

Oz Night Club

Yes, if you are thinking what I was thinking, the yellow brick road led me here. The theme is of course from the film the Wizard of Oz. Pretty awesome 🙂

The Dolphin Cafe

Dolphin Cafe Collage

After all that walking, why not enjoy a glass of wine and a view of the ocean with the dolphins swimming about.

Misty Mountains

Misty Mountains Collage

This place is so serene…it has open meadows, a little cottage and gorgeous views from the mountaintops.

Calas Caverns

Calas Caverns Collage

I think this was my favorite place of all! The colors, the fact that you can take a dip in the water,and surround yourself by so much beauty is awesome!

I hope you take the time to experience all or some of these sims. They are amazing!


2 responses

  1. Thanks so much for the great post, Saxxy and so happy you have enjoyed our work with ‘Calas’ 😉

    1. You’re welcome and I extremely loved it all, excellent work :)-Saxx

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