Say What??

Ok I have recently just been going through a sl breakup, and to me it’s like rl cause feelings were invested, but I won’t get into much of that for now but I do like to tell some of my business cause it makes things kinda interesting lol. So anywho, I was working on some poses for Image Essentials and Something New when I remembered something that Kay said in chat once or it was a picture of some sort that said if you put “and shit” at the end of every sentence it makes you gangster or something like that I can’t remember exactly. So I go to do the male poses and I get all in my Jesse J demeanor like I can do it like a brotha do it like a dude and then I was like damn I look fly and shit and Im like HEY I remember Kay had all of us saying that in chat it was hilarious! So here are some female, male, and couples poses from IE, and a new pose set for Something New which I was like whoa this is extremely smexy! So props to Ally for making people want to do it like jackrabbits in a meadow on your poses haha!

Female Frames Collage

Female Frame comes with 8 poses and 8 texture changes-150l

Male Frames Collage

Male Frame comes with 10 poses and 10 textures-150l

Couples Collage

Couples Frame comes with 10 poses and 10 texture changes-200l

SN bed collage

Something New-Amorous Love

So if you ever want to get “gangsta” just add “and shit” to the end of your sentences lol.

Image Essentials

Something New


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  1. Jesse J 😀 Fave song – Skyla x

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