Bright eyed and Bushy tailed

Hiii – she is alive i hear u cry! – haha Sorry i get sidetracked and end with lists of things to do – that’s why i’m so glad to have Saxx to keep you guys entertained in my MIA times – but i’m never to far away 😛

So i wanted to show these awesome tops from .::Pink Sugah::. for Pre release event
Groovy eyeshadows from Mock Cosmetics
Plus this awesome Arty Sim i found Concrete Cube Light – based on imagination abstract art fine art, very cool videos, industrial, alligators centipedes & lots of strange wierd things and awesome Rasta music ( Saxx thinks it’s funny i liked the music but Rasta is cool man!  – lol)

The Tops (Hurt) are just one of the Vendors, Tara has out for Pre Release do be sure to go check it out
All the make up in the pictures are from Mock – If u join the group Mock Cosmetics They give TONS of free stuff!




Enjoy – Skyla xxxx


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