I am being “Framed”!

New releases for Something New and Pure Poison

Ok I know I have the worse habit of combining products together but I would rather do it this way then sending a million blogs a day for like one or two things, plus mixing and matching is more of my forte anyways 😛

Something New has the most adorable poses and sometimes sexy haha that makes snapping pictures that much more fun. Adrian, Ema, and I went to a jungle themed party and although we were in no way part of a jungle in these fluffy little costumes, I was like you know what these would be awesome to wear and pose with those balloons Ally sent the group! Alas! Look at me slipping away from Adrian! There is also a frame that you can pose with and do whatever you please, the frame comes in different colors and you can change that and adjust yourself properly with these poses.

Balloons wAdrian

Slipping away

Pure Poison is ready to make your Valentine’s Day that much more special by the products that are available in the store and on the marketplace. There are Valentine Day pumps available to put together with those red, black, white, or whatever colored outfits you plan to wear on the day of LOVE ❤ The spiked shoes you will see below come in different colors such as pink, nude, red, blue,and green.

SN and PP_001

Posing with the frame and the spiked pumps

SN and PP_004 SN and PP_005

Posing with the Valentine pumps

Before I forget because I almost did, this is another pose available at Something New, I was debating on whether to keep them but because I received compliments on the pic inworld and on my fb I shall post them.

Piano Love_004 Piano Love_002 Piano Love_001

Have a great day everyone-Saxxy


Pose Frame V2

Hold My Balloons


Piano Princess-Something New


Valentine Pumps


JG Spikes Mesh Pumps-Pure Poison

PS Thanks for the Beatles top Ema, you are always appreciated. Hugs!


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