Valentine’s Day isn’t Always for Everyone

Every year is the same with Valentine’s Day, people get those yummy chocolates, beautiful flowers, nice dinners, gorgeous jewelry, and spontaneous proposals. Yes love can be just a beautiful thing, but unfortunately it isn’t always the case for everyone.

I have been single in my rl for a couple of years, unless you count three months of dating a relationship :O. It’s not that I have low self esteem or anything like that I feel more introverted nowadays and would rather spend my time with my son or friends. I wasn’t always like this but being in relationships have brought me to this point. I am not one to bash all men, so I will not sit here and place them all into one big category. I find perpetual bliss in other things besides a loved one in rl. Sadly to say there are plenty like me out there who have been single or  recently became single and it does kinda bother me knowing I do not have a special person to share my holidays with.

On a more positive note, I love giving, and I do not mean just at Christmas but all around. I may not have a sweetheart but that doesn’t mean I cannot be one to others like sending my mom flowers, baking cupcakes for my son’s class, or giving little gift bags to random people at a grocery store or doctors office and yes I have done that. 🙂 So just because you may not have a loved one don’t be so bummed out about it, making someone else smile or doing some random goodness is just as awesome as sharing it with a companion or lover.

In other news Utopia has gorgeous gowns out for Valentine’s Day as well as their group discounted lingerie. I chose the pink gown which they also have in red because I already have so much red so I wanted to show a softer side. But, the lingerie is in red so I didn’t miss out on my color.

Utopia Pink

Dress in Sensual Pink w/flower accessory

Utopia Pink 1

Sensual Pink dress without flower in hair with Hush Skin

Hush Skins has two free skins available in their store, one from January and another for February which is the one shown up above. It is free to join the group as well.

Utopia Red

Darling in Red with the whole ensemble

Utopia Red 1

Darling with the lingerie only

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”  ~Leo Buscaglia

Love, Saxxy

My mushy butt is wearing:

Skin: Valentine Skin – Group Gift [Hush]

Dress: Sensual Pink Utopia

Lingerie: Darling (special edition) Utopia

Lipwear: Hypershine lipcolor in FreeSpeech Wear & Peachy Pink Mock Cosmetics

Shoes: Coquette Spikes in Black N-Core


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  1. Another great blog 🙂 Especially the red ensemble. I agree as well not everyone needs a relationship to be content.

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