It’s a Doggy Dog World

Hello everyone, I know this is a bit of a change of what we usually blog but since being a mother for about three months, I have been wanting to blog on baby products. This is also why we named the blog Done Wiv a Twist cause you never know what we will blog on 🙂

Ok so for you Zooby parents out there I know we all want a real life experience with our babies, so when I found out about Chunky Monkey I fell in love with it since before I ever had my son Jacob. I had gotten signs made for my friends by Hanna to hang up on their walls in their nurseries. When my partner and I decided to have a child Zooby and Chunky Monkey were the first stores I thought of. I do not know any other store that has the cutest things for you babies to interact with, therefore I wanted to show off Hanna’s stuff.

The two newest items I picked up were the Boppy and the new Beagle Puppy. What is a boppy? A boppy is a pillow formed to wear around your waist to help prep your baby up while breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or just holding your baby. A boppy can also help your child sit up by supporting him or her. I had one of these for my son in rl so I know they are amazing, they look just like the real thing and you may rez or wear them for your Zooby baby.

Chunky Monkey_002

Baby Jacob laying on the boppy w/ his wittle doggy Boogeybear

The Beagle puppy are the newest additions to Chunky Monkey and come with everything above such as the ball, bone, bed, food, and water. You may choose a different color collar when you buy them at the pet store. So what are the features? The dog can interact with your baby is the best part, Jacob is too small but once your baby has reached stage 18 which is the plush stage, your baby can hold the dog. The dog can grow with your baby by using the resize option in the menu and comes with two leashes for you and your baby. The dog may also wander about, follow you, or stay still. It is so worth having one, they are adorable!

I hope you all have a great day and plan a trip to Chunky Monkey sometime soon 🙂 -Saxxy

Boppy Pillow


Beagle Pup (Red)- Chunky Monkey


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