Studded Up

Cause I think studs look badass….

Waves to everyone on the most hated day…MONDAYS! Sits down with a cup of tea so I can think a bit more clearly. Today has been all over the place for me but now I am here listening to my classical music and of course blogging for you all 🙂 Pure Poison just fed a little bit more of my addiction….to STUDS….YAY and STUFF! These cute mesh bags come in several colors such as Fuschia, Red, Yellow, Black, and Blue.

As most of you know there will be a Valentines Day Contest in the future, more details to come on that, but for now I am taking suggestions on gifts you all would like to have. Of course lindens are always nice but we want to know if any other gifts interest you. If you have not joined our awesome bloggers group on FB, please do not hesitate to join for contests and to see the fabulous works of others here: SL Bloggers If you have any ideas for gifts please inbox me on FB Saxx Ferengeto or inworld at serenityj8705 resident.

Studded bag_005

Blue Spiked Mesh Bag

Studded bag_004

Black Spiked Mesh Bag

Have a great evening or morning to all : -XOXOXO Saxxy

Charo – Spiked Mesh Bags-Pure Poison

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