For the “LOVE” of the Black Market

Good day smexies, I am feeling much better and on a road to awesome recovery. I want to personally give a shout out to Ema, Skyla, Aiyana, Adrian, and Kodi for asking and caring about my well being and keeping me from feeling all depressed like haha. This weekend I shall continue to take it easy and while in the process I am still thinking about a Valentine’s Day Contest. I think I need a little bit of help. I want to know from our viewers what would you like to receive in prizes…now keep in mind Skyla and I are NOT superfly rich lol but we do believe in awesome gifts. As a Valentine’s Day contest, the blogs will have to be about your significant other or about someone u severely madly and stalkingly <<doesn’t think that is even a word shrugs lol, but in love with. Comments or suggestions can be placed in the reply section ↓↓ there or in my fb inbox which is Saxx Ferengeto if you haven’t already added me 🙂

Ok now onto the good stuff….FASHION!!  The Black Market has some of their new stuff out from some awesome designers. I only saw a few things that I liked or loved and the dresses from the 1 Hundred store are lovely as to why I bought a couple but I love my black and red one the most. I am also styling some of the gifts from Chop Zuey, which also has new group gifts available for group and non group members, go check it out 😀

Saxx in Red_001

Yes, I am excited about Valentines Day as u can tell 😛

Saxx in Red_003

I hope you all have a great and awesome Saturday, suggestions for prizes on the Valentine’s Day contest will end on Feb 3rd-Saxxy

Saxxy is wearing:

Hair: Veronica Mesh Hair in the Blacks Pack Wasabi Pills

Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 in Deep Caramel Ikon

Lipwear: Bella Vetro Gloss in Lepore Red Mocks Cosmetics

Dress: Detroit Dress in Red 1 Hundred<this is the Black Market link

Jewelry: Kharma Lovers ring, bangle, and slv earrings (Group Gifts)-Chop Zuey

Shoes: Suave Raven Maitreya Gold

Location: Image Essentials


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