Wedges, Glasses, and a New Opportunity

Hello everyone I know I have been gone for a while, I told Skyla I had to have a minor surgery, so I took it as an opportunity to get back into blogging since I cannot be on my feet much. So I got an opportunity to blog for Pure Poison. I was somewhat shocked because my friend Ema and I actually loved their wedges and been discussing them previously. Ema was going to try a demo but as soon as I was in the group I looked through past notices to see what I could go ahead and blog on. I saw the wedges and was like whoa, I was just looking at these. I also fell in love with the sunglasses also, especially because they have silver and me loves some silver 😀

Saxx in pure_002

The wedges in black

Saxx in pure_003

Those glasses ❤

Check out the store and their pure awesomeness-Love Saxxy

Saxxy is wearing:

Hair: Aina in B&W pack Magika

Glasses: Meira Mesh Sunglasses Silver Pure Poison

Top: Womens Mesh Halter Top – Blue (Group Gift) .:SS:.Spearson

Shorts: Mission high waisted shorts black Nemesis(This store is unfortunately no longer open)

Shoes: Kayla Studded Mesh Wedges Pure Poison


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