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Caution, I went kinda long winded!!

Hello everyone 🙂 I hope your Sunday was wonderful, I would have been out but I have an ill child who did not have the energy to do anything. So now I am here while I have the time to spare before watching Mobwives lol.

The purpose of today’s blog…yes there is actually a purpose today lol is to lay some things off my chest, and although I owe no explanation to anyone, I want to explain for wondering minds because I am somewhat of an open person and sometimes I like to look at blogging as someone else’s diary or journal. Last year I must say was 70% of a train wreck, and I allowed myself to feel and make decisions that led up to it. I know a lot of people on SL have a story of betrayal from friends, loved ones, and people who claim that you are their “family”. I co owned the Coconutt Grove with three other people whom I thought would be my family forever. That didn’t happen and like most relationships it failed miserably. I managed a place called The Drunken Duck in which is how I met Skyla. I had a lot of good times but it ended so horribly I wish I had not ever worked there. The owner had once claimed me as family up until I quit, and that is when I was somewhat treated as an outcast. I quit because I was slowly watching more and more of my time invested into the Duck and the other club I was running and I was not giving that allotted time to my son. I had then realized I was addicted to SL. I was falling in and out of love with people who technically never loved me in a sense that also had to stop. When the year was almost done I had gone from 350 friends to 83. the only person at the time that I had truly loved was my best friend Shelley. I was there for her when she needed someone, when she could not afford things on SL, when she needed a job, when she needed advice, when she needed help in rl, and just all around a nice person to someone who was emotionally shattered. I loved her more than anything on SL…..until the brakes went to a screeching halt.

All of a sudden I noticed she had taken me off her picks and when I asked she said she was re doing them but she never did. She then moved out of the house we were living in, and just stopped iming me. I had asked what was wrong and she replied it was nothing. As women we know when things are wrong when there is an imbalance and I could not figure out what it was. The only three things that had popped up was maybe she felt I was acting like her mother because I tried to warn her about the assholes she dated, when I dated Raziel ( her claimed SL Bro), or when Adrian and I got together ( because she admitted she liked him at one point). I ended up defriending Shelley because I know she was lying but she never told me what I had done wrong. At that point, I felt used, confused, and hurt. To make this story that is already long enough short, the only family member that I communicate with is my SL bro Krush, and although he left SL I still email him and vice versa.

The other day I had thought about one week in SL where it tested the hell out of us as business owners, and SL family members. Illnesses, evictions, loss of jobs, no money for internet, natural disasters, and sick kids in rl and the screw up of our sim in SL. I had a feeling something bad was gonna happen but all that at once and we all sat there on our beach on voice, crying, praying, and hoping for the best for one another, we stuck with each other through it and got through it and I guess that week was a forgotten trial because petty shit broke us up, I felt if we could have gotten through that we could have had it all.

Today I no longer work in SL but I do blog with Skyla and I am super happy with how far we have come. I have Adrian and our son Jacob, my bestie Ema, and a few others that have helped me along my SL journey and for that, a big ass THANK YOU. I will not say I no longer trust people in SL , it just takes me longer to observe others. I learned a lot last year, and I am thankful for it, it taught me to better myself in a lot of other situations.


Ok I had to wipe some tears with tissue, yes I am a big cry baby 😦 but onto the fashion part of this blog…..did u think this was going to be all sappy…pfft!

Story to tell_003

Did a close up for the hell of it 😛

Story to tell_004

I loooooove Peplum 

Ok loves I think I took like 300 bricks off my chest, I know most of you will not read all of it but I just try to tell people to be careful with their feelings. It is a game but the people behind the operating systems do have feelings♥ -Saxxy

Saxxy is wearing:

Hair: Devina –  black & whites in Crow Truth

Eyes: Eternal Eyes – Pool IKON

Make-up: Special edition Rouge Makeover Mocks Cosmetics

Jewelry: Women Xmas4 BlkIce Neck (was a group gift for CZ)


Hospitable Snowflakes Wht Ring Chop Zuey

Dress: Roche Peplum Dress .:Eclair:.

Nails: Nails 3.0 Glitter Collection ::TGIS::

Shoes: POISON “Automne” N-CORE


2 responses

  1. Wow you seriously made me cry. I can relate to a lot of what you said and I know it sucks when relationships do not work out but its their loss. I’m really glad that you consider me a bestie and I can honestly say you are one of the sweetest, realest, most stylish and fun people I’ve met in SL. I don’t want to get too mushy because I have trust issues as well but I love ya saxxxy. You have an awesome blog, an eloquent way with words and I’m very glad that you are a part of my SL 🙂

    And I hope your little malo head feels better soon.

  2. Well said Ema, Sometimes you gotta go though stuff like that to teach you who u can trust.. and Saxx look if it hadn’t happened you wouldnt of moved forward and spent more time with ME.. haha.. and loook what we have accomplished, we are an awesome team and like Ema says (despite your fiestyness lol).. u are so sweet and very real – and i lovers you alot = Skyla xxxxxxxx

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