Your Boyfriend’s T Shirt


Yeah I am so glad it is Friday, this week has been a bit hectic but I can say a good hectic 😀 SL always has it’s way of bringing me back to my happy place though in terms of great friends, a bit of clubbing, spending time with loved ones, and so on. I usually do my own thing when it comes to blogging, but I asked one of my male friend’s who has a good sense of fashion what he would like to see blogged. I thought he was gonna ask me to wear something steampunkish or fancy but noooooo lol, like most men, they want to basically see the bare minimum of a woman. In this case it would be the bf’s T-Shirt look.

Saxx in Bedroom

This look would be perfect for a lazy Sunday or ya know right after you….anyways lol um yeah that. I don’t know if I will be blogging much this weekend but if I don’t I hope all of our readers have a great weekend.

I will be contemplating whether or not I want to have a Valentine’s Day contest or not, I tend to be giving during the month of love so we will see. If I do decide to do one, it will be somewhat over the top for our winners, so be on the look out for that. -Saxxy

I am wearing:

Hair:  Vicky in Crow Truth Hair

Eyes: Horizon Eyes in Pale Glass Ikon

Shirt(bra not included): Tamara (Hud included to change colors) Enelya’s Creations

Nails: Manicure Sculpted Nails*Sexy Mamas*

Feet: Barefeet Flat Maitreya Gold


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