Prints and Shadows

YAY SL is back!!

Yesterday was a complete nightmare! It all started at Collabor88 when I was trying to get a couple of things, I know it’s usually a bit laggy in there but this was like trying to walk through quicksand, mud, and thick molasses all at once. Ok enough of my whining, SL is ok for me now, so I decided to snap some pictures.

Ison for Collabor88_001

Thanks to Skyla, she made me want to go try shadows as well in photoshop cause keep in mind we are no pros but we are basically teaching ourselves these things.

Ison for Collabor88_001

The shirt and pants are from Ison, and I do love Ison for the apparel, now keep in mind I did not see this in Ison’s store nor marketplace, so you will have to make a trip to Collabor88 which most of you do anyways I’m sure since most of us are saavy shoppers after 😀

Ok I would have stopped up there^^ but I have something funny to tell you, actually it is more like a question. Ema if you are reading this , well I had to bring it up lol. Um so you have a man from SL of course, who likes to assume, categorize you with other women, and at the same time wants a Domme…what would you call that man? You see this guy from my past tried to insult Ema and I which obviously didn’t work because our mindsets are coconuts compared to his raisin one…I literally have not met a man so frickin confused cause he wants to be dominated but hates the ways of women lol like wtf?? O_O

Ok anyways lol enough of my rambling lol have a great Wednesday 😀

That girl up there ^^ is wearing

Hair: EFFECT hair/Dark Grayscale in Pitch LeLutka

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Verdigris Light Ikon

Lipstick: Diva Lipgloss (12 pack) in Red Pink Acid

Shirt: Draped Sleeveless Top in Champagne Ison for COLLABOR88

Pants: Metallic Snake Leggings in Gold Ison for COLLABOR88

Jewelry: Vipera watch in silver Ison


Mesh Dimple Piercing Sugar Heart

Shoes: Kickers in Leopard Black Envious


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