Going back in time in the New Year!

Happy New Year all, Hope you all had a wonderful Magical Christmas and a funfilled New year!

I’m back from Moving – which went well and place is awesome!!!!!!!

Logging on to this Pink Sugahnessss has made my new year!
I love The Spice Girls! Us British Girls Rock! hahahaha!

These 4 Dresses are Ginger, Baby, Scary and Posh.. for the forgotten Closet who’s theme this turn is back to the 90’s! Ginger is my fave spice girl always has been.. think that’s where my red hair fetish comes from LOL

Ginger Spice Baby, Posh Scary

The dress come in 2 packs Ginger and Baby in one & Posh and Scary in the other.. @  The Forgotten Closet

Also lots of other goodness going on in store be sure to check it all out

Pink Sugah Mainstore

Best wishes for 2013 sure i will b seeing u again soon lol x

Skyla x

P’s Hair on Ginger is Free Gift from Truth 


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  1. boobies :)) just sayin

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