Primadonna Shades of Gray

Hello smexies (waves)….Skyla did her last blog before her new chapter began by moving with her SL partner in RL and how exciting is that? Well she did blog about the Primadonna bodysuit, but I am going to blog about another color set. The gorgeous Tara released more of these bodysuits in other colors. Have a look for yourself …

Sugah's Blog 002_002

Primadonna in Black

Sugah's Blog 002_006

Primadonna in White

Sugah's Blog 002_008

Primadonna in Gray

These are all the colors available in the gray group and yes they have appliers, if you would like to see how this looks with them, look at the previous blog, Skyla is showing the bodysuit with them on 🙂 Have a great day everyone…smooches-Saxxy

Primadonna Shades of Gray-.::Pink Sugah::.

Pink Sugah offers smexy outfits for those with appliers or not.

If you would like to join the group, take the lm up above and you could receive group gifts, be a lucky winner of a 250l giftcard, or enter the MM for giftcards and outfits.


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