It’s So Shiny I’m Gonna DIE!!!!

Hey smexies, I have some items to show for today and events coming up. Ok, I am totally a jewelry junkie, so I thought why not tell everyone about some great offers on it.

Saxx, Chop, and Shawl_001The End of the World Fair starts on December 15-30 so please mark your calendars so that you will be a part of this fabulous event. The shawl in this picture and the necklace in the next picture are from BSD Designs which will be one of the participants at the fair.

Saxx, Chop, and Shawl_003

This picture includes the mesh Corbeau necklace without the feathers. There is a version you can purchase with the feathers as well.

Saxx, Chop, and Shawl_002

Another event I am excited to talk about is the 12 days of Christmas at Chop Zuey. There is a gift available for non-members as well, but starting today is this earring and necklace set which is called Glaxis available for members. Yes there is a fee to pay to join the group if you haven’t already, but it is so worth it.

Two other jewelry stores having advent calendars or something similar where you get a new gift everyday are Artistry by E and Virtual Impressions. Earthstones has free pressies as well and lucky gifts under their tree. Their links will be provided down below.

I am sure there are plenty other places doing things similar, but these happen to be some of my favorite stores or products. All available merchants for the End of the World Fair are in our EOTW blog, make sure to check them out. Have a great day all-Saxxy

Saxxy’s Accessories consists of:

Women Xmas1 Glaxis Set(Group Gift)-Chop Zuey

Corbeau necklace


Shawl-{{BSD Design Studio}}

Other Jewelry Stores:

Artistry by E


Virtual Impressions


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