Free Gift Cards o.o

I popped online today – and seen a notice from .::Pink Sugah::. – Mainstore and The owner has spent the day setting up gift cards.. so u can buy them as a gift for someone for Christmas.. and they can buy what they would like in store..

To celebrate her new gift cards, she also has a MM board and a lucky chair with gift cards on too- I was lucky enough to win a L$250 card on the lucky chair.. and treated myself lol..

I brought both these cute costumes..

Tink Kink &  Dirty Minnie – Both come with Tango Appliers.

The prices are really good and i still have over L$100 left on my gift card..

Note : The Gift cards are only available at the main store.

Tink Kink

Dirty Minnie


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  1. Reblogged this on .::Sugahlicious::. and commented:
    I woke up this morning and had a link to a blog in my offlines, this was it!! I love it when someone blogs for me who I don’t know, and they do it, well, just because they like something. That brings a smile to my face especially on a cold sunday morning, so thank you Skyla. I love the pictures, I will be poking you with questions about how you did the tink one soon. Enjoy spending the rest of your giftcard ❤ Tara xoxoxo

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