For the Little Ones

Poses for the Tinies

Who doesn’t love little itty bitty avatars? Well I like to look at fairies if that means anything lol, but Something New just introduced these little props right in time for Christmas photos specially made for the mini avatars. As you can see in the picture below, I look like a giant compared to the prop, I was going to get a mini avatar to go along with the props but I thought it would be better to show it’s small size against myself to show you lovely people that it is indeed made for the little ones.

Tinies Garden_001

The next prop is a small hutch and it is adorable…why are little things so adorable?? It is making me mushy for some odd reason, but whatever you choose to do with your props, make sure you shrink a couple of notches…..ok maybe a lot to have some fun with these. The props can be found at Image Essentials along with any other props, scenery, and other photo needs.

Tinies 2_003

Props: SN~ Holiday Hutch for Tinies


SN ~ Frosty Garden for Tinies-Something New

@Image Essentials

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