Taking a Break from Decorating

Official Image Essential Blogger

Well I want to start off by saying a big thank you to Nikki and Kay for informing and allowing Skyla and I to blog for this awesome place. Image Essentials is probably one of the coolest places to take photos, and the staff is simply friendly and will help you with poses or picture information. They also allow notices for classes for those just starting to blog and is sitting there wondering well “how do I get my pictures to look like that?”  There are free studios to use for single, couples, and family pictures. They also have a store available to purchase poses for any event.

Ok onto the good stuff, I have done three poses from the “Feeling Blue Sits” collection. There are five poses in the collection but Skyla and I never like to fully spoil everything, so just as she did in the previous post of only three, well, I will do the same. I am actually quite happy to be doing the sits because I have one week left of my pregnancy yet I am doing all of the holiday decorating…I needed a break!

I decided to take pics from my own home, we will be sure to include locations from Image Essentials soon enough, until then you may go play in the snow, sit on Santa’s lap, or jump on some reindeer lol 😛

The Blues Pose #7

Posing in front of the winter pond

The Blues Pose #17

Posing in the ice rink

The Blues Pose # 19

Yup, I was even on the roof fixing the Christmas lights O_O

Poses: IE – Feeling Blue – Sits

These poses can be purchased from:  Image Essentials Store


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  1. ooh iwill have to check it out

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