Image Essentials is having a hunt!!

November 15-December 15, 2012

Hello everyone, there are a lot of studio’s within the world of SL, but it was not until my partner in crime Skyla teleported me to Image Essentials, that I found out what an awesome place this was. So what is so great about this place you may ask? Well, I will give you a short and sweet summary 🙂

Image Essentials provides studios for people to use to take pictures instead of spending a fortune on a new studio that may only have limited amounts of backgrounds or for people who cannot simply afford to invest into a photo studio. This place is also awesome for bloggers…yes Skyla and I go there all the time lol. This place not only has studios, but also scenery of different areas such as the woods, a zen garden, a cottage and even scenes available in skyboxes.

IE has reached over 1000 members within their group, and to show appreciation, they have decided to have a hunt. The sponsors for this hunt are Image Essentials by Kay Weston, Something New by Allysondwyer Resident, and Demise of Flight by Nikki Wildmist who is also the “blogger manager” winks.

In the picture above includes some of the hunt gifts, please excuse my preggo belly 😛

Skyla is wearing a lace mesh corset, standing in the “flower power” pose, the “I love you” pose, and standing with me on the couples pose on the Street Attitude Prop. I am wearing the grunge pants, doing the “idea” pose on the first picture, and posing also on the couples pose within the third picture of the collage.

The next collage focuses on some of the props and cute picture frames. The first picture is of the jigsaw mat which is a nice romantic prop for a couple or even alone time for an individual. The second picture is a wooden table with four cute picture frames, they are not linked, which means you can put them anywhere you would like. The last picture is of the ottoman prop that looks awesome for a coffee break, breakfast, or just to have a little alone time.

Do not worry, there is much more on the hunt but we won’t spoil all of your fun 😀 Happy hunting, and I will provide you with link ↓↓ there :)-Saxxy

Image Essentials (Kay Weston)
Something New (which is the new name for Dwyer Enterprises!) (Allysondwyer Resident); and
Demise of Flight (Nikki Wildmist)

Hunt Location-Image Essentials

P.S. There are 21 gifts, we hope you enjoy them!


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