It’s Beginning to Feel Like Christmas

Christmas Trees & Lights 

Hello everyone, I am so excited to be here blogging today, Skyla and I are lacking a bit of  creativity at the moment, and with the baby on the way, I can’t wear too much anyways lol. Ok down to business, my favorite waves store is Real Waves, well the creator Antreas Alter decided to create some magic for Christmas, he has created lovely Christmas trees and lights. Together the lights can be controlled by a free HUD . This HUD controls the different light patterns and can can even perform a light show. My favorite part, is that the lights have Christmas music and can also be controlled on the HUD..YAY! There are several types of Christmas trees he provides, but I decided to go for the traditional set and it came with several types of trees and GIFTS!!  I am in Christmas paradise right now haha. Please excuse my preggo self in the pics, I am not up for display as far as clothes and such. Oh and before I forget, from Nov 10-13 if you purchase any of his trees, and leave a review, leave him a nc saying so, and he will give you back 200l 😀

If you know anyone struggling this season, brighten up their day by giving them the creators name, and ask them to submit a nc with the tree they will want, and the creator will gift it to them :O Yes, he is such a kind hearted individual! Happy Saturday! ♥

PS. The gray background is just to show off the window lights and string lights on the floor.

RCL Christmas Lights

Programmer Lights HUD


The Real Christmas Tree, Traditional Set

Here is the LM to the store to see inworld for yourself 😀

Real Lights Showroom


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