Saxxy just “Waffling”

Yes, this will not be a fashion blog today as being that I am taking a small break this weekend, I just felt like “waffling” as my dear friend Skyla would say haha 😀

Ok first thing is that the Halloween contest will be ending on the 24th, and we do apologize for the redundancy, but it means a lot when it’s a first time thing, as it is the first contest Skyla is holding.

Next month, I will be doing a contest as well, only this will have to include a short story and a photo. The contest I will be holding is what people have been thankful for this year. I must say I am thankful to have a healthy 3yr old son, my family and friends in both worlds and thankful to still be alive.

My fiance and I are also planning on getting married and having a family soon, so in the picture below, I’m just relaxing on our new land. Yes I am pretty lovestruck as I’m sure many of you out there are as well haha 🙂 I’m hoping so anyways.

Last but not least, a random act of kindness came upon me today. Endra Graves and I spoke briefly, and I must say, she has to be one of the most friendliest people I have met for even just a brief moment within SL. I will not go into details of what occurred, but what she did show me today, was that good people still exist! I thank you so much for your kind sentiments. Please check out her store if you are a jewelry lover and maybe you may get a chance to meet her as well one day. Artistry by ~E~

Ok I am now done waffling and rambling on, I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday with family, friends, or even some quiet time to themselves. -Saxxy


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