Plaid, Plaid, Plaid

I Was Supposed to be Doing this with my Boyfriend But….

So yesterday was pretty interesting, my boyfriend lost his cat for a while, yes a while, Titan came back to him this morning lol, but she didn’t want to come back to him last night, he was so worried about her so I didn’t bother dragging him in for pics. In other news plaid is always in, no matter what the season is. Adding some outdoor scenery added a nice touch as well.

Skin: Jamaican Woman M3 UNIQUE Skins

Makeup: Lae’s Cabaret Makeover


Mock Nails in Dark Knight Mocks Cosmetics

Hair: Hazel (Black & White packs) in Night Truth

Shirt: BF’s Shirt in Red Grid NerdMonkey Clothes

Bottoms: Catastrophic Leggins Apple May Designs

Boots: ABL Army Boots [Basic] .:EC:. Enelya’s Créations


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