Feeling Green and Sexified

Bringing Sexy Back

Ok not really, but I was listening to Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke while trying to get my house in autumn theme, and I remembered I have been wanting to do a lingerie piece for a while. With the smexy tunes flowing and being showered with love from my boyfriend after watching Superstar together….(yes the movie where she makes out with trees), I wanted to try out some mesh lingerie and pose in the warm ambiance of our home.-Saxxy

How many of you are getting your places hooked up for the holidays?

Skin: Jamaican Woman M3 Skin UNIQUE Skins

Hair: Stevie (Reds Pack) in Quince Truth

Make-up: Makeover in Parrottia


Nails: Dark Knight  Mock Cosmetics

Clothes: Mesh Lace Corset Set in Emerald Blacklace

Jewelry: Gold Bracelet (came w/mesh set)

Ice Queen Ring (Moolto Hunt Gift) Chop Zuey

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