A Little Bit of Everything

So, I um Hooked Up With a Skeleton?

Well I am back, I wasn’t gone for too long, but long enough to miss out on some great gifts and the beginning of Swag Fest….

I went shopping of course in a couple of my favorite stores and a few new ones. A few days ago I came across an interesting profile that had a link to a “Wallmart” and yes many of us know what that is..a place you can grab a bunch of bananas, pajamas, a new playstation, and dog food all from one place lol. I went in and decided to eat McDonalds O_O, hey the mesh slims my butt, I needed to inflate it again! I also came across this haunted house place and I was rather lonely and I well, got caught in the moment, I hope my boyfriend doesn’t kill me! Sighs…candycorn anyone?

Skin: Jamaican Woman M3 Skin Unique Megastore

Shape: Chloe (Mod by myself) Belleza

Hair: Guinevere in the Dark Brown Pack in Chocolate Truth

Makeup: Lae’s Feather Copper Goddess Makeover

Parted Lips


Just Jaded Nail Color Mock Cosmetics

Jewelry: Harvest Earrings

Harvest Bangles

 Harvest Necklace (Free Gifts) Chop Zuey

Clothes: Kimono Sleeve Cardigan in Solar


V-Neck Tease Tee in Army ISON

Diva Vintage Jeans in Coral Avona’s Fashion

Shoes: Prestige Brown Leather Boots in Mocha BAX

Locations: Tempura, Haunted House (Image Essentials), & Wallmart


One response

  1. Lols i know you said you wanted a bone but hey, thats taking it too far ^_^

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