Fool about in Fall

Apart from DJing and dressing up – one of my favorite things to do in SL is look for Sims that give me inspiration and do photography, which i’m by no means the best at but i enjoy it and that’s all that matters right!? – Maybe one day a nice person will come along and teach me all their tricks – hehe –

With Autumn coming and it getting Chilly – I was on the hunt for a Sim that gave me that feel and i found Wondering Dew  – so i dug up this Autumn outfit with some old and some newer items Enjoy
– Skyla x

P’s Hopefully Saxxy my partner in crime is back proper tomorrow – she has no net due rl moving – why you aint seen her- we got plans and hopefully mix things up a bit!

Skin: Shane skin light -brown brows- soft make up – Mons
Hair: Awkward Hud 01 – Magika
Make up: lashes 2 (gift) [.::CENSORED::.]
Scarf:  Autumn Scarfs [ bubble ] (The Autumn Effect Hunt)
Jacket/Top: combo – lepore.brown/blue – coldLogic
Pants: Shiny Leggings (Brown) {Happy}
Boots: Winter Boots – Ivory [ hoorenbeek ]


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