Memoirs of a Fashionista

Just Felt Like Rocking a Kimono…

One of my favorite things to do in SL is meditate. It helps to soothe my mind and my body and offers clarity when I cannot depend on someone else to help me find it. A great friend of mine (Key) brought me to this store known as Sweetaholic, and offered to buy a kimono for me on my birthday (smiles, thanks so much). I have seen some kimonos on the mp, but these were far better than any I had seen before, and they even had the skin and shape available for free, which by the way, who doesn’t like to get free things? I enjoyed walking through gardens and such today, and even had a cup of tea. Enjoy your day everyone, and smile :)-Saxxy

Skin & Shape: Geisha Skin Box Sweetaholic

Hair: Leesa from the Black/White collection in Crow Truth

Eyes: True Reflections in Dark Brown Real Eyes

Nail Polish: Andrea’s Choice Circus in Ringmaster Mocks Cosmetics

Clothes: Kimono & Shoes Come Together


Particle Fan Sweetaholic

Location: Japan Project Garden


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