It is not Winter, but….

Frosty Made Me Do It!

Hello again folks 😀 I hope your Sunday was nice and lazy just as mine was, in a good way of course. So I felt like wearing something comfy and I found this, it is not brand new, but Crickets has been a personal favorite brand of mine for a while. Then, I went wondering about the Grand Canyon, and I came across who other than FROSTY 😀 I could not resist this smexy tower of snow. I saw a bear as well but my facial expression may have scared all of our viewers away so I discarded that pic lol. Anyways what are your favorite things to do on Sundays? I would break into song, but I’ll keep that to myself haha. My Skyla does not feel so good, I hope when she sees the snowman and my “yo quiero Taco Bell” dog, that it cheers her up :)-Saxxy

Hair: Sumaya V3 HairStyle (Black/White pack) in Dark Night ^;^CaTwA^;^

Make-Up: Eyes: Mix and Match Eyeshadow (Inner) Yellow cheLLe

Eyeliner: Eyeliner Special from the Spring Makeup Collection NOYA

Lips: Lipshines in Watermelon Mocks Cosmetics

Nail Polish:High Shine Nail Varnish in Noir The Sea Hole

Jewelry: Earrings: Tabulsa Earrings (Free Gift)


Ring: Ice Queen Ring(Moolto Hunt Gift)  Chop Zuey

Clothing: Sweater, Jeans, Necklace, Boots, and Belt (Piper Olive) Crickets

Skin: Chloe Deep Tan 3 Belleza

Eyes: Glow Olive (Group Gift) Real Eyes

Daphney the Dog: “The Z Bag” Tan Chihuahua Carrier Zooby Pets

Location: Grand Canyon


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