Doesn’t Want Summer to End

Freebies & Group Gifts

Hello all, it is about 2:18 am and I was figuring, why not post up another blog. Now I am in no means a sl photographer, but I wanted to show these gifts off while I was stuck at home basically doing nothing 🙂 I have different things going on so bare with me….oh and btw I live on a beach in SL so I am not really looking forward to living on a cold beach anytime soon 😦 On the bright side, I don’t have to worry about the water freezing and going ice skating, which by the way I have never tried 😛 Enjoy!- Saxxy

Hair: Ebony (Black/White Collection) in Crow Truth

Skin: BERRY (Sunkissed) R.icielli

Make-up: Eyeshadow-Dhaelis in eye makeup trial by fire


Lipstick-Lip Tattoo in Cheetah (free gifts) Mock Cosmetics

Eyeliner- Cat Eyeliner cheLLe

Eyes:  Sunrise Eyes in Bleached Gold (Free Gift) Ikon

Skin: Alyson Deep Tan 13 Belleza

Hair: Satsuma Hair in Ebony Rosy Mood Hair

Eyes: Sunrise Eyes in Bleached Gold (Free Gift) Ikon

Make-Up: Mix and Match eyeshadow (Inner-Violet) cheLLe

Jewelry: Earrings-Enfleurage (Free Gift)


Ring- La Mousme (Free Gift) Chop Zuey

P.S. Chop Zuey and Mock Cosmetics are two of my favorite groups. To join Chop Zuey’s group it does cost 350l and to join Mock it is 250l but they give out so many great gifts, it is definitely worth investing into. ♥


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